The World At One (NME035). 1987.

The World At One (NME035). Fall 1987.

  1. Salif Keita – Sina
  2. Najma Akhtar – Dil Laga Ya Tha
  3. Yanka Rupkina with Trakiistra Troika & Kostadim Varimezov – Ot Kak Se Mara Rodila
  4. Kass Kass – Mister Oh!
  5. Yiorgos Mangas – Choreptse Tsifteleli
  6. Sidiki Diabete & Ensemble – Ba Togoma
  7. Ketama – No Se Si Vivo O Sueno
  8. Zouk Time – Guetho A Liso
  9. Abdul Aziz Mubarak – Ah’Laa Jarah
  10. Ofra Haza – Galbi
  11. Hukwe Zawose/Dickson Mkwana/Lubeleje Chiute – Nhongolo
  12. Shirati Jazz – Dr. Binol
  13. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Ya Mohammed Bula Lo
  14. The Real Sounds Of Africa – Murume Wangu
  15. Jali Musa Jawara – Fote Mogoban
  16. Dilika – Amazimuzimu
  17. Sadik Diko & Reshit Shehu – Valle e Gajdes
  18. Jorge Cabera – A Fuego Lento
  19. Sasono Mulyo – Gamelan Gon Kebya

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One Response to “The World At One (NME035). 1987.”

  1. I hope that one day I meet you in a pub so that I can buy you a pint, and then another pint, and then several more. You sir have my undying gratitude for a job exceptionally well done

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