We Have Come For Your Children (NME024). 1986.

We Have Come For Your Children (NME024). Fall 1986.

  1. Count Five – Psychotic Reaction
  2. The Mojo Men – Dance With Me
  3. The Knight Riders – I
  4. The Novas – The Crusher
  5. The Barbarians – Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl?
  6. Circus – Bad Seed (You’re A Bad Seed)
  7. The Shapes Of Things – So Mystifying
  8. The Swingin’ Medallions – Double Shot (Of My Baby’s Love)
  9. The Premiers – Farmer John
  10. The Stereo Shoestrings – On The Road South
  11. The Kingsmen – Louie Louie
  12. The Castaways – Liar Liar
  13. The Lollipop Shoppe – You Must Be A Witch
  14. Merrell Fankhauser – Gone To Pot
  15. The Bad Roads – Blue Girl
  16. The Balloon Farm – A Question Of Temperature
  17. The Jades of Forth Worth – Little Girl
  18. The Knickerbockers – Lies
  19. The Moving Sidewalks – Need Me
  20. She – Outta Reach

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  1. […] into record company back catalogues for vintage rockabilly, country, dub, jazz, Northern Soul or ’60s garage in much the same way that Mojo’s covermount CDs do now. The other strand of NME covermount […]

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