Pocket Jukebox (NME005). 1982.

Pocket Jukebox (NME005). November 1982.

  1. Nina Simone – My Baby Just Cares For Me
  2. T-Bone Walker – Too Much Trouble Blues
  3. The Spaniels – I Like It Like That
  4. Jimmy Reed – Take Out Some Insurance
  5. Jerry Lee Lewis – Big Legged Woman
  6. Julia Lee – Can’t Get Enough Of That Stuff
  7. Betty Lavette – Let Me Down Easy
  8. The Prisonaires – Don’t Say Tomorrow
  9. Gene Chandler – Duke Of Earl
  10. Robert Parker – Barefootin’
  11. Lee Dorsey – Ride Your Pony
  12. John Lee Hooker – This Is Hip
  13. Little Junior’s Blue Flames – Feelin’ Good
  14. The Dixie Cups – Iko Iko
  15. Betty Everett – Getting Mighty Crowded
  16. Jerry Butler – He Will Break Your Heart
  17. George Perkins – Crying In The Street
  18. Aaron Neville – Hercules

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  1. […] NEVILLE – Hercules And… yet another one I discovered via the NME tapes. This is from Pocket Jukebox, which was full of classic blues, R&B and early soul music, many of which I knew, but Hercules […]

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