Jive Wire (NME002). 1982.

Jive Wire (NME002). May 1982.

  1. The Thompson Twins – In The Name of Love
  2. David Gamson – No Turn On Red
  3. Leisure Process – Love Cascade
  4. Buzzz – Tonight’s Alright
  5. Pig Bag – A Live Orangutango
  6. Aswad – Ghetto In The Sky
  7. Scritti Politti – Asylums In Jerusalem
  8. The Beat – Get A Job-Stand Down Job Margaret (Live)
  9. Gil Scott-Heron – B-Movie
  10. Suicide – Dream Baby Dream
  11. Kraftwerk – Das Model
  12. Altered Images – Happy Birthday
  13. Theatre of Hate – Dreams of Poppies
  14. The Gun Club – Ghost On The Highway
  15. Tav Falco’s Panther Burns – Ms Froggy
  16. Black Uhuru – Happiness
  17. Defunkt – Illusions
  18. Rip Rig and Panic – Billy Eckstine’s Shirt Collar
  19. Carmel – Storm
  20. Vic Godard and the Subway Sect – Just In Time
  21. Pablo Lubadika Porthos – Madeleina

~ by radiodrilltime on October 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “Jive Wire (NME002). 1982.”

  1. Brilliant! Many thanks for this – and indeed all the NME tapes. Used to have the tape and it got pretty heavy use back in the day… On a sunny Saturday morning in South London Billy Eckstine’s Shirt Collar could reduce the room to a quivering jelly brains. Love it.

  2. […] HERON – B-Movie I must admit I’d never heard of Gil Scott Heron before I sent off for the NME’s Jive Wire compilation in 1982, on which this song appeared. But I loved this – and him – so much that within a year, […]

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