Uncle Arthur’s Pop Parlour (1987)

Uncle Arthur’s Pop Parlour (1987)

  1. This Poison! – Work Out Out In
  2. The Grooveyard – Summer
  3. North Of Cornwallis – One 2nd Class Return
  4. Bluetrain – Some Greater Love
  5. The Raw Herbs – At My Funeral
  6. The BMX Bandits – Beat The Teacher
  7. Ever – Sleepyhead
  8. The Doris Days – Another Day
  9. The Rain – Bright Pavillions
  10. Metro Trinity – Michael Furey
  11. The Crimpolene Explosion – Souvenir
  12. The Corn Dollies – Mary Hopkin Song
  13. A Riot Of Colour – Never Come Back
  14. The Househunters – Synthetic Flesh
  15. Some Other Day – Sad But True
  16. The Morrisons – Travellin Boy
  17. The Waltones – Spell It Out
  18. The Poppyheads – Dreamabout
  19. The Sullivans – Here It Is

~ by radiodrilltime on February 2, 2010.

3 Responses to “Uncle Arthur’s Pop Parlour (1987)”

  1. Quite possibly the best blog ever…Thank you for posting all these fabulous memories… I had them all back in the day. Cheers:)

    • Thanks Peter! I’m working on getting some new posts together, so hopefully there will be some new things up soon!

  2. […] songs together in London in 1987. ‘Some Greater Love‘ appeared on the wonderful ‘Uncle Arthur’s Pop Parlour‘ and was also the title of the Bluetrain compilation album released on the Pastillina label […]

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