Another Spark (1984)


Another Spark (1984)

  1. Inca Babies – Superior Spectre
  2. The Moodists – Do The Door, Friend
  3. Bone Orchard – Boneabilly Party (I’m Boned)
  4. The Three Johns – Windolene (live)
  5. The Box – The Flatstone
  6. The Membranes – The Throat (live)
  7. In Excelsis – Love Lies (live)
  8. Perfect Vision – Empires And Ashes
  9. Bourbonese Qualk – In-Flux
  10. Hectic Red – The Great Promise
  11. 1000 Mexicans – The Art Of Love, A Weekly Magazine (Part 2, Free With Part 1)
  12. The Red Guitars – Check It Out
  13. The Mekons – Is This The Way? (live)
  14. DCL – The King’s Broadcast
  15. Full Sail – Lovers Spit & Kiss/Red Letter Day
  16. The Ghost Of Electricity – The Rain Dance
  17. Microdisney – Helicopter Of The Holy Ghost
  18. In Embrace – Kiss A Cold(er) Shoulder
  19. Ege Bam Yasi – Jesus Makes His Own Bread
  20. The Go-Betweens – Newton Told Me
  21. The Jazz Butcher – Inside Your Heart
  22. Five Go Down To The Sea – Kelly From Killeen
  23. Billy Bragg – Island Of No Return (live)
  24. 22 Beaches – Dust
  25. Ninth Arena – Windless Streets
  26. Tiny Town – Lacklustre

~ by radiodrilltime on February 2, 2010.

5 Responses to “Another Spark (1984)”

  1. Bless you for posting Another Spark and State Of Affairs. I lost my copies in a fire ten-years ago and thought I’d never hear them again. I’ve remastered them to stand up next to loud stuff like Daft Punk in people’s MP3 players. So if you’re interested in my remasters, get in touch. I’ll send you the links to my zip files on MediaFire.

  2. I’d be grateful if you could reupload this, you lovely person 🙂

  3. Could you please repost this? It’s an excellent tape. Thank you.

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